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Will the Demand that Exist in the Automotive Employment Field be met in the Future? | Automotive Industry

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The automotive employment work forces become serious problems in certain parts of the world. Due to the fact not enough training takes place in the automotive employment work force to fill the growing demand in the auto industry.

This demand for well trained automobile personnel cause serious head hunting between dealerships and even across borders. Even the demand that open up in China cause experience auto engineers to be head hunted all over the auto industry. Some of the upcoming car manufacturers head hunted latterly thousands of engineers.


Experienced people in the automotive employment that worked before in the auto manufacturing work force became all of a sudden highly paid rear specie. It became like a migration to China of all this experienced auto engineers from all over the world. They have been bought for their expertise and to help, a powerful automotive employment work force for the future auto manufacturing in China.

What a revelation to see that somebody still have the use for old school expertise, as the modern world started to reject the old school experts. These old school experts that gets rejected cause the automotive employment work force to lose a lot of skills. The younger generation doesn’t have the opportunities to learn that from the old school guys. If you an employee in the auto industry somewhere in the world you would have this effect already.

It’s like the younger generation auto work force doesn’t realize how important it is to empower themselves by adapting or learn some of the old school skills. Not realizing that ignorance and not knowing to know won’t help them in the future. Don’t understand me wrong here as there are some of the younger generation that has realized that

These young guys are very highly in demand and get also head hunted, but mainly between dealerships. These young well trained guys in the automotive employment work force also became highly paid rear specie’s. Don’t think they don’t get head hunted across borders they do. As I am an employee in the auto industry in South Africa I experience already a problem to get or keep guys like this.

Our well trained auto technician gets mainly head hunted by dealerships in Australia or New Zealand, with massive pay packages that we can’t afford to pay them. In the mean time the old school guys walked out of the trade as they felt rejected. Normally these old school guys will open a small repair shop just to create a passive income for him. This rejection feeling by them made them all to become stab urn and they refuse to shear their skills with anyone.

 To me this is a great lost to the wellbeing ness of mankind in the future. We can’t just reject all that old school skills that came with mankind over generations, and forget about it

·         In the future this automotive employment work force will look and operate totally in a new paradigm of its own.

·         The training processes will be completely different with unknown skill sets taught to people in the auto trade.

·         The old school word repair will be replaced in the future with the word replace.

·         Just imagine what that word change going to cause to the automotive employment work force. Just that will bring a massive skill set change to the work force on different levels

·         This is where the new job description in the auto industry come from, talking about “NEW PART FITTERS”

·         That‘S what it going to be in the future in dealerships and nobody will stop this change. So sorry old school guys you are out me included.

There need to be looked into this problem of the automotive employment work force seriously in the future. If not it will become a massive problem in the very near future, and sooner than a lot of people realize. As the Western world are running out of well trained auto workers, especially in the technical fields, people needs to be trained to be hands on again. As the world will never be able to operate without this people

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