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Automotive Personnel Determents Their own Destiny | Automotive Sales

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How can it be that automotive personnel determent their own destiny in their working life? The past few years a serious recession hit the world economy unexpected and cause havoc in the automotive industry with serious consequences.

That cause that a lot workers in the auto motive industry lost jobs. But it was handled differently in different countries. Like in Germany worker’s salaries were cut back to prevent people to lose jobs. Even senior management of car manufacturers in Germany agreed to give up their performance bonuses and agreed to a decrease in salaries.


This cause the automotive industries in Germany to survive this economical recession and very small amount of people lost their jobs. Where the rest of the world the auto industry went through a very bad period and a lot automotive personnel lost jobs.

In September 2009 in South Africa the new car sales was 50% down to the previous September alone. As it was a general feeling the world economy was picking up its head slowly but surely. But what a surprise for the South African auto industry as in September 2010 the new car sales dropped another 10% to the previous year.

While the rest of the world’s new car sales was getting back on track and the production volumes was on the increase again. Now you may ask what caused this phenomenon.  The rest of the world’s new car sales were picking up and South Africa was still experiencing a decrease in new car sales. Although the order book in South Africa’s export automotive projects was in a very good state for that month.

It is sad to say that the drop in sales was caused by the automotive personnel themselves. This was because due to various strikes that was organized by different worker unions. The South African workforce is still slaves to their own worker unions.

·         Where the rest of the world’s automotive personnel was willing to accept a decrease in their salaries to secure their jobs for the future.

·         The workforce in South Africa was convinced by the unions it’s time for a salary increase. Although the recessions wasn’t over yet.

·         When the unions started to negotiate for increases for their members the automotive industry refuse any increases due to the industries economical state.

·         Due to the previous year’s bad sales they weren’t in a position to afford increases on that stage.

·         So the unions got there members to go into a strike action, that was illegal in any case.

·         So all production came to a stand still for the strike period.

·         The industry refuses to pay any salaries in this strike period.

·         That cause the striking automotive personnel to lose a lot of money on their incomes, not to talk what the industry lost.

·         As all production was on a holt for the month of September there were no units available to sell.

·         Lots of workers lost their jobs in any case

·         That is why it is a known fact that the automotive personnel caused that extra  10% decrease in sales in September 2010 by their strike action.

It is sad to realize that people can bring so much misfortune over themselves. Not realizing what they in person lost money wise by their own actions. Here I challenge anybody to prove me wrong, when I say The workers will never make up their money losses in the future to come, not to mention those that lost their work in the process

Here I want to suggest that the workforce must start to realize it is much better to work for a smaller salary in bad economical times and secure his or her job for the future. As the worker unions and its management was the only winners in this situation and still enjoy their five star breakfasts every morning. No worker union has been or will be good for the greater good or economies.

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